Name: น่ารัก - Narak Club
Category: Baby Goods/Kids Goods
About: ผลิตภัณฑ์เด็ก น่ารัก อยู่เคียงข้างคุณพ่อคุณแม่และเด็กไทยมายาวนานถึง 38 ปี
Description: Since 1977, this fully owned Thai company has been making personal care products: shampoo, powder, lotion and roll-on. Our brand names are Narak; Tiara; Pena; and Tiary. Narak – Tiara promotes cost-effectiveness and quality products. We also encourage the development of our work force and safety in the work place. In 1993 we were chosen as the Best Factory by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.
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