Name: Goldheart Jewelry (Singapore)
Category: Jewelry/Watches
About: Goldheart celebrates woman’s passion for life, her joy & individuality. Every piece of our fine jewellery reflects this.
Description: The Goldheart world is infused with joy, creativity and meaningful connections. It teems with rich life experiences, exciting new discoveries, and enriching encounters. This is where a woman feels emboldened, where her bright personality shines forth, her spirit is uplifted, and she is alive. Offering fine jewellery for the woman who is passionate about life, and embraces all the joy and richness it brings, Goldheart celebrates women, independence and individuality. Every piece of jewellery reflects this, and every Goldheart customer feels like she is her own woman. Welcome to our world. Experience true luxury with meaning. A HERITAGE IN LOVE AND ROMANCE As the first and leading bridal jeweller in Singapore, Goldheart enjoys the prestige of being a pioneer in introducing the concept of wedding bands in white gold and platinum to the local market and making it mainstream. Honouring its rich heritage in love and romance, it introduced the exclusive concept of Pure Blue, where a blue sapphire is embedded within each romantic jewellery, marking the purity and fidelity of true love. Reinforcing this commitment to a romantic heritage, Goldheart offers a wide variety of wedding bands meant for each and every beautiful love story. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF THE WORLD’S FIRST 73-FACET STAR DIAMOND Goldheart is the exclusive distributor of Celestial® diamond, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond that scintillates with the supreme luminosity of the brightest star. Viewed from the top with a diamond scope, the Celestial® diamond reveals a spectacular 8-pointed starburst pattern, a distinctive attribute that creates a more reflective environment for light to pass through. With its patented design, a Celestial® diamond possesses a superlative brilliance, scintillation and more “fire” than any other diamond. All Celestial® diamonds are graded with very strict standards and every Celestial® diamond from 0.50ct is certified by the Gemological Institute of America, attesting to its premium diamond quality. ONE OF SINGAPORE'S LARGEST Goldheart Jewelry is one of the largest local jewellery chain in Singapore, with over 20 boutiques located at major shopping malls island wide.
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