Name: Pun Pun Market - Airport
Category: Health Food Restaurant
About: We offer Isaan food, curries, fusion wraps, salads, local organic coffee and smoothies, local products, and produce in an organic garden space.
Description: In the spring of 2014 Pun Pun opened our newest project located near Airport Plaza on Hang Dong Road. This project is a new restaurant and natural food store on a piece of land that also allows us to grow gardens and host events and workshops in the same space. DAA – Documentary Arts Asia ( will be moving their gallery, theatre, artist in residence program and offices to the same piece of land and there are plans with more friends for a bicycle repair shop and space as well in the future. The menu at this restaurant is different from the other two. Here we offer Isaan (northeastern Thai) food, curries, soups, fusion wraps and salads and local organic coffee and shakes/smoothies. Come and check out the new space! Because of the large space we also have a shop selling local produce, homemade yogurt, bulk organic items and other products from local groups and an organic garden next to the cafe.
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